Research proposal Persepolis

Research Paper Proposal


The book which will be analyzed, contextualized, and discussed is Persepolis, an autobiographical account by Marjane Satrapi. Satrapi recalls events, situations, and feelings that she encountered during her childhood and adolescence. She provides her personal opinions and perspective of what went on in her life during the Iran and Iraq war, including her involvement regarding political activism. Satrapi also emphasizes a struggle that Iranian women dealt with regarding cultural and societal norms. Those political issues that erupted from the war and its impact on both men and women of Iran will be the subject of my research paper. One of the sources I will utilize is the journal article, Lessons of the Iran-Iraq War. This article provides an outlook of the war with context regarding the dire situation between the two countries and their leaders. The article also includes geographical information that helps contribute to how and why certain norms may have been in place and which country would have an advantage where and why.

Assignment 1


The chapter in The Refugees “I’d Love You to Want Me”, provides readers plenty to observe and dispute. As promoted in They Say I Say, an emphasis on asking questions and drawing inferences based off interpretations of reading is made. Example paragraphs are provided in the later that provided such as “I agree with the opinion… because…” which dares readers to provide opinions then prove their understanding of the text, allowing a legitimate debate to be held in the classroom setting. An example in the chapter that is up for debate stems from a particular sentence that can set the stage for the chapter theme. Two characters are in a car ride home when the driver proclaims “Why didn’t you tell me we were going in the wrong direction?”, as he proceeds to make a u-turn for the other direction. The author then proceeds to mention that the professor had no good answer, allowing us, the audience, to interpret her intentions on our own.